Tournament specific rules – June 14th



  • Halo MCC Halo 1, 2v2 Team Slayer, Double elimination tournament
  • Starts 14 June 2015 at 15:00 CET, expected to end around 24:00 CET.
  • FFA games determine bracket seeding
  • Bracket play:
    • Winners Bracket: Best-of-3 first round, then Best-of-5.
    • Losers Bracket: Best-of-3 first round, then Best-of-5.
    • LB Final, WB Final, Grand Final: Best-of-7, only Grand Final with continuation of possible previous series.
  • Map choices and hosts are fixed for every round. (See map&host list below.)
  • Download gametypes and settings from King i3ob or ib L Oby named ‘Combat Revived FFA’ and ‘Combat Revived 2v2’
  • European tournament: players from USA or Canada must always play offhost.
  • Report bracket scores by yourself using the link on

Tournament specifics and details:

Date & time

The whole tournament is played on June 14th 2015. The tournament starts at 15:00 CET with 2 FFA games. An hour before the FFA groups will be announced on the EuroHalo forum, so there is plenty of time to join each others game and party. About 15 minutes after the FFA’s the bracket seedings will be announced there as well. Right after everybody can start running their 2v2 matches. Expected ending time is around 24:00 CET.

Brackets and FFA

The tournament will start at 15:00 CET with 2 games of Free For All. They determine the starting positions in the brackets. The 8-16 teams (depening on attendance) teams will get seperated into different FFA groups, so the members of a team both play in different groups. The scores of both team members in the groups will be summed up. If summed counts tie then deaths will count, if still tie then also the amount of assist kills. These sums will give a ranking of all the teams.

The team who scored the best in the FFA (Team 1) starts the tournament against the team with the lowest FFA score (Team 8) (etc -> Team 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5). In round 2 Team 1 will meet Team 4 or 5 and there is a loserbracket: so scoring best in the FFA’s is not a ‘free pass’ to the finals, but it sure does give an advantage. The team who scores best in FFA also gets an advantage of hosting the 1st game(s) of a series.

The LB/WB/Grand finals are Best-of-7. If two teams meeting up in the Grand final have played each other earlier in the bracket, then there will be a continuation series (the series starts from the score in their previous game, and then play the 7 games chosen for the Grand final). If the continuation series results in a tie, an 8th Grand final tie breaker game is played to determine the winner. If the teams in the Grand final have not met earlier in the bracket, the team coming from the Losers bracket will have to win two 7-game series. The team coming from the Winners Bracket only need to win one 7-game series to win the tournament.

Maps and hosting

Maps and host choices are fixed. This means that for every game the map and host is determined. It makes sure that most competitive and (in general) most liked maps are most played, with the maximum variety of maps being played.

Map-host advantages are balanced as much as possible. For example, if you start a WB series with Prisoner off-host, you get to play Hang m High on your own host before the series can end. In the big finals (if the full series is played) every most liked and competitive map is played on both hosts.

See the list below for when you have to host and which map you have to run.

(1)*  = Team with higher seed hosts this map (in WB that is the team with best FFA score, in LB that is the team coming from the WB).

(2)* = Team with lower seed hosts this map (in WB that is the team with the best FFA score, in LB that is the team who played a series in LB already)


  1. Derelict (with radar)**
  2. Battle Creek (with radar)**

Winner bracket – Round 1

  1. Chill out (1)
  2. Prisoner (2)
  3. Hang ‘m High (1)

Loser bracket – Round 1

  1. Damnation (1)
  2. Derelict (2)
  3. Prisoner (1)

Winner bracket – Round 2 until finals

  1. Chill out (1)
  2. Prisoner (1)
  3. Hang m High (2)
  4. Derelict (2)
  5. Damnation (1)

Loser bracket – Round 2 until finals

  1. Prisoner (1)
  2. Chill out (1)
  3. Damnation (2)
  4. Hang em’ High (2)
  5. Derelict (1)

LB/WB/Grand finals (Best of 7)***

  1. Chill out (1)
  2. Battle creek (1)
  3. Prisoner (2)
  4. Wizard (2)
  5. Damnation (2)
  6. Rat Race (1)
  7. Hang m High (1)
  8. Chill Out (1) ****

* Players from USA always play off host: the EU-team member will have to take it.

** FFA hosts will be announced together with the FFA groups 1 hour before start

*** In the brackets on the LB Finals and WB Finals are  written as “Semifinals” and the Grand Finals is written as just “Finals”.

**** Game #8 only for Grand Finals

Gametypes and settings

The gametypes are on the fileshare of King i3ob. The name of the files are ‘Combat Revived 2v2’ and ‘Combat Revived FFA’, date created 03/22/15 7 pm. The easiest way to find King I3ob is to check the Leaderboard (Start – Leaderboard – Scores – Halo 1 – Legendary – Solo – Global). On #1 for most missions, click my name, choose file share and then gametypes, find the Combat Revived ones and click download. They will appear with your other game settings now. The gametypes are both created from the standard Classic Slayer Pro game settings for the right weapon orientation.

  • Death Bonus = No
  • Kill Penalty = No
  • Respawn Time = 5 Seconds
  • Suicide penalty = 5 seconds
  • Starting Equipment = Generic
  • Other Players On Radar = No
  • Frags to win = 50
  • Time limit = 30 minutes
  • Radar = OFF

Participation of USA/Canadian

As the tournament is meant to stimulate the Halo CE community in Europe, players coming from the USA or Canada will always play offhost. This means that overseas players require a European teammate to participate. This means also they will play either on the other teams host or on their teammates host.

There might be a chance that there aren’t enough teams as meant above: if so we will accept teams with both players coming from USA. Make sure to register yourself on the forum to reserve a spot.

Reporting scores

Players have to report there game results themselves. This can be done on this page just below the Summary or on Tournament registration page. After you signed up, the green “Sign up” button changes to a “Report” button as soon as the tournament starts. Report scores during the tournament using this button. This way your scores are automatically updated into the Challonge brackets.

Always keep prove of the scores of every game using Xbox Clips or Xbox Screenshot, just in case discussions about results arise. We recommend to use Xbox Clip, as it also shows the map if recorded right after the game.

Streaming and bad connections

Players are allowed to stream as long as they are playing off host. Independently of the strength of your internet broadband, streaming causes your connection to be more inconsistent and instable. For this reason it is not allowed to stream while other people are playing on your connection, when you are hosting.