First tournament: Halo 1 (2on2) @ 14 June

chillout-featuredWe at EuroHalo are excited to announce our first official tournament on Sunday 14 June 2015. The game to be played is Halo 1, with teams of 2 players going up against each other in Team Slayer matches.

The tournament starts at 15:00 CET with 2 FFA games. An hour before the FFA groups will be announced on the EuroHalo forum, so there is plenty of time to join each others game and party. About 15 minutes after the FFA the bracket seedings will be announced, also on the EuroHalo forum. Right after everybody can start running their 2v2 matches. Expected ending time is around 24:00 CET.

It is already possible to sign up through our tournament registration page. We only have space for 16 teams for this tournament, so be quick if you want to secure a spot!

For more information about the tournament, check out the rules page for this tournament.