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    Hey guys,

    Let’s discuss in here how you think about tournament dates.

    Last tournament had 1 night with FFA’s with 1st round of games. In the two weeks after the whole tournament was finished with round 2 till the finals. During these two weeks I noticed I had to demand quite some from people to get online and play there matches. Mostly jobs were a holdup here, where people had to play while being maybe a bit tired.

    Another feedback I got was that for teams getting further in the tournament, it was quite time consuming as they more or less had to reserve the night to play only one round/one serie of matches: arriving at the finals that would be around 4 to 8 total series/nights. Suggestion was to play it on 1 day, which I thought was a good idea as well: no more pushing around, people being tired midweek cause of work fe. Just play or dont play, all of the excitement on one day. Also nice for people being less involved in the CE commmunity: they would know the tournament date and would be aware of streams being up.

    What do you guys think? Do you prefer to play tournaments that last like 3 to 4 weeks, having to sacrifice several nights for Halo tournaments, or do you prefer 1 day tourneys with all of the excitement in 1 day?

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    Like i told you. I really would prefer a european halo series. I am thinking about a tournament every 2 or 3 months that takes 3-4 weeks to play. Top Teams can earn points to rank up in our series. Some examples for the tournament rules could be:

    – Start on a friday
    – on the first Day the Teams have to play the first round and directly the first round of the lb
    – on some Day (saturday or sunday) of that weekend, the 2nd round of LB/WB must be played.
    – each next round must be played within 7 days (so, a whole week to find a Day)
    – the semi final and the final must be played at least on the same weekend. Doenst matter which Day, both matches possible at a friday or saturday.

    The whole tournament is finished after the 4th week i think. Teams have enough time to regroup, making a pause, split up and find ew mates or anything else within the next 8-12 weeks to the next tourney.

    If people like the Idea with the point earning series, i have some ideas i wanna present.

    – team of 2 (for example the Name is Team European Finest) earning points for reaching a Top 3 rank.
    – if the Team does not splitt up, the Team continues earning points in the next tournament.
    – if someone leaves the Team or the whole Team splitt up after ONLY one tournament , the all-over-rank is getting deleted
    – after playing 2 tournaments, the Team is allowed to drop one Player (if necessary) instead of another. But, the Player has to play at least 2 tournaments to earn points for his Team. If he quits after 1 tournament (for example) the Team wont get any points for a top position.
    – at the end of the year, i would love to see a short tournament between RTL top 4-6 Teams.

    Its all about us to make some real nice tournament games. I think we have the chance to get more interested Teams in the tournament if we playing a longer tournament.


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