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  • Gamertag: ZyranHd
  • Nationality: German

Like i told you. I really would prefer a european halo series. I am thinking about a tournament every 2 or 3 months that takes 3-4 weeks to play. Top Teams can earn points to rank up in our series. Some examples for the tournament rules could be:

– Start on a friday
– on the first Day the Teams have to play the first round and directly the first round of the lb
– on some Day (saturday or sunday) of that weekend, the 2nd round of LB/WB must be played.
– each next round must be played within 7 days (so, a whole week to find a Day)
– the semi final and the final must be played at least on the same weekend. Doenst matter which Day, both matches possible at a friday or saturday.

The whole tournament is finished after the 4th week i think. Teams have enough time to regroup, making a pause, split up and find ew mates or anything else within the next 8-12 weeks to the next tourney.

If people like the Idea with the point earning series, i have some ideas i wanna present.

– team of 2 (for example the Name is Team European Finest) earning points for reaching a Top 3 rank.
– if the Team does not splitt up, the Team continues earning points in the next tournament.
– if someone leaves the Team or the whole Team splitt up after ONLY one tournament , the all-over-rank is getting deleted
– after playing 2 tournaments, the Team is allowed to drop one Player (if necessary) instead of another. But, the Player has to play at least 2 tournaments to earn points for his Team. If he quits after 1 tournament (for example) the Team wont get any points for a top position.
– at the end of the year, i would love to see a short tournament between RTL top 4-6 Teams.

Its all about us to make some real nice tournament games. I think we have the chance to get more interested Teams in the tournament if we playing a longer tournament.