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Team Halopolice wins the October 11th Halo CE tournament!

After a long day of gaming team Halopolice won EuroHalo’s second Halo CE 2v2 tournament. They played well all day, and entered the Grand Final continuation series with a 3-0 lead over over their opponents JuanMag & eSo Blade.

The Grand Final was fairly close. JuanMag & eSo Blade attempted to claw themselves back, and managed to put the series at 5-4 in favor of Halopolice. However, Halopolice managed to come back and win a tense game 9, thus winning the continuation series 6-4. Here are the full scores from the Grand Final games:

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Congratulations to the winners, JuanMag/eSo Blade for the close second place,a nd also to the third place finishers Zoack EU & AimLesZ OG.

For the full results and other details, please see the tournament bracket, either on Challonge or on our tournament archive page. We would also much appreciate your feedback on the tournament, either in the comments section of this news article or on the forums.

Tournament day information: Halo CE 2v2 – 11 October 2015

Today it is time for another EuroHalo 2v2 Halo CE (MCC) tournament!  As previously announced the tournament will commence at 13:00 CET with a quick FFA seeding tournament. FFA groups will be announced just before 13:00 CET, and games will begin as soon as all players are present. The groups, as all other announcements throughout the day, be posted in the forum thread for score reporting and announcements. The FFA games will start at 13:15 CET at latest. Players that are not present at that point will be considered to have forfeited the FFA. (This only affects seeding, so that player’s team is not dropped from the bracket). FFA results are posted in the score reporting thread on the forum (see the list of important links below).

The 2v2 tournament will commence as soon as the FFA results have been processed and a seeded bracket drawn up. We expect matches to start at ca. 14:30 CET. Results are reported through the tournament registration page, or, if you cannot get this to work, through the score reporting thread on the forum (see the list of important links below).

Crucial links and information

Here are the most important links for those participating in today’s tournament:

Tournament administrator  for the day

This tournament will be administered by Stian Øby Johansen, which may be contacted through Xbox LIVE during the tournament. His gamertag is: iB L Oby. Do note, however, that since he is participating in the tournament himself, it might take a short while until messages are replied to.