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Halo CE 2v2 tournament – 11 October 2015

2677910-haloceWe at EuroHalo are excited to announce our second official tournament on Sunday 11 October 2015. The game to be played is again Halo 1, with teams of 2 players going up against each other in Team Slayer matches. Like last time, the tournament makes use of a double elimination bracket. Bracket play is preceded by a brief FFA tournament to establish seeding.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up your team from the tournament registration page. It only takes a couple of seconds, provided that you have registered an account with EuroHalo. Please make sure to enter the correct Xbox LIVE Gamertags of both players on the team, separated by an “&”-sign.

A maximum of 16 teams may participate in the tournament. The deadline for signing up is 11 October 2015 at 12:00 CET.


The tournament starts at 13:00 CET with a brief FFA seeding tournament. An hour before the FFA groups will be announced on the EuroHalo forum, so there is plenty of time to join each others game and party. About 15-30 minutes after the FFA part of the tournament has concluded, the seedings and the bracket will be announced (also on the EuroHalo forum). At that point all the teams can start running their 2v2 matches. The tournament is expected to end (well) before 24:00 CET.

Important links and information

Here are the most important links for those participating in the tournament:

Read on for an overview of the maps that will be played each round of the tournament. (more…)